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A comprehensive service at HRD decking for all stages of your deck restoration

A refurbished decking can drastically improve and enhance the ambience of your front yard, backyard and outdoor area, such as Pergolas and it gives new look and enhances the overall look and style of your home. At HRD Painting and Decorating Narre Warren we are pleased to offer a variety of decking polishing and services covering deck restoration and polishing, all with the same dedication and professionalism, workmanship, and attention to detail that HRD Painting and Decorating Narre Warren is very famous for.

Our Hardworking and honest decking restoration team boasts both experience and expertise in handling decking polishing and restoration projects of all ages, kinds and conditions. From starting job all the way to finishing the job, our team decking offers expert restoration and quality workmanship to ensure the finishing results meet your high expectations. We guarantee all our decking restoration and polishing jobs, in all of our projects. We tailor our high quality decking restoration services to suit all your needs, whether it be a one-off decking and pergola repair job, or a periodic polishing and painting maintenance schedule jobs. We can even offer you a full decking and outdoor pergola treatment plan for severely ignored and neglected outdoor woods, pergolas and decks.



1. Decking Inspection

We will look and identify splits,
cracks or damage in the decking
timber and work out which decking polishing and painting will work best.

2. Clean the Decking

We always thoroughly clean the decking timber surface to remove tannin, any oil, Greece, Dirt and other surface contaminants.

3. Sanding the Timber

We always are careful and safely sand down the surface of the timber, for a uniformity and high quality finish decking restoration and polish.

4. Staining the deck

We thoroughly and again check the timber and If the decking timber requires staining as identified during the initial inspection we can apply the stain, and again check for any other problem.

5. Semi Transparent Decking Coatings

We can apply a protective coating of your choice, we always consult with you and ask you and you will be given options so you can choose the best quality coatings for your decking

Deck restoration cost estimates

With HRD Painting & Decorating, you know you’re getting high quality workmanship, with our decking and staining services. When quoting for your decking project, our hard working workers will be onsite to discuss with you all your decking staining and restoration project needs, as well as our team will look and identify tricky spots and easy to miss imperfections on your property, so we later on can fix it for you. This helps us a lot to plan and to provide the best possible final painting and decking restoration result for your property.

If you are interested and want to know more about our cost, time frame, painting products, or methods, we’re always will be glad to hear from you.


We at HRD Painting and Decorating are experts in decking restoration. if you want to learn about decking restoration process, please see Cabot’s decking restoration service or How to to decking restoration at Bunning. How to stain a Deck at Bunnings. we also understand the unique challenges faced by property owners due to the climate change . Our hard working decking restoration services also ensure that your decking timber is up to the task of withstanding the harsh rainy or sunny climate. We can assist you and help you combat common decking polishing problems faced with decking timber, including color fade, rot, weather damage, wood warping, and many many more decking problems.